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"All Wired Up Electric is your one-stop solution for all residential and commercial electrical needs. Explore our wide range of services tailored to meet your requirements. If you don't find what you need, reach out to us, and we'll assist you in any way possible."


Electrical Panel 

Upgrade your electrical panel with All Wired Up for increased home value and safety. Signs it's time for an upgrade:

  • Panel overheating or unusual smells

  • Need to power new appliances or electric vehicles

  • Panel nearing 40 years old or home built pre-2000

  • Tired of frequent fuse replacements or flickering lights.

Electrical Circuit

Circuit Breaker 

Ensure your home's safety with All Wired Up. Signs you need a circuit breaker replacement:

  • Frequent tripping, difficult to reset

  • Hot, melted, or misshapen switches

  • Smoky smells or frayed wires

  • Appliances overheating, running inefficiently 



Prepare for power outages with All Wired Up. Our standby generators keep your entire home running smoothly, not just a few appliances. Whether you need installation, repair, or replacement, our trained electricians have you covered. We offer options to fit your needs and budget, with top-of-the-line features and energy efficiency. If your generator isn't performing as it should, call us for prompt service.

Installing Electrical Outlet



Whole House 


Hot tub wiring 

All Wired Up ensures safe outlets. We offer installation, repair, or replacement, including GFCI outlets. Signs you need service:

  • Loose or unstable connections

  • Two-prong outlets

  • Smoke, sparks, or strange smells

  • Warm, discolored outlets

  • GFCI outlets not tripping during testing.

Upgrade your home's wiring for safety and efficiency with All Wired Up. Signs of worn-out wiring:

  • Home over 40 years old or runs on fuses

  • Loose or unstable electrical panel

  • Non-functional outlets or burnt smells

  • Dimming lights, buzzing appliances

  • Knob and tube or aluminum wiring

  • Frequent circuit breaker trips. 

Upgrade your home with a hot tub seamlessly with All Wired Up. We handle complex electrical installations, ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards. Prepare your site and obtain city approval before calling us. We'll take care of grounding systems, GFCI protection, and 240-volt feeds. For XL units, we hardwire a junction box with a disconnect switch. If you're experiencing issues with your existing hot tub, call us.

Lights in the Dark
Modern Wooden House
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Upgrade your lighting with All Wired Up for a seamless experience. We balance aesthetics and functionality, integrating various lighting types into your home. From chandeliers to motion sensors, we handle installations and repairs. Trust us to find the perfect fixture for your style and budget, including SMART lighting.

Outdoor lighting 
& Design 

Ensure safety and style with All Wired Up's outdoor lighting services. From parking lots to porch lights, we install a variety of outdoor lighting options, including HD and LED fixtures. Our skilled electricians handle installations to extend the usable hours of your outdoor spaces and enhance security. Trust us to illuminate your outdoor areas seamlessly.

Electrical Compliance repairs 
& Code Inspections 

Ensure your home complies with electrical codes with All Wired Up. Our electricians stay updated on New York and NEC regulations. Schedule regular inspections, especially before selling or purchasing a home. We thoroughly examine AFCIs, outlets, switches, detectors, panels, outdoor lighting, and more. Receive a detailed report and recommended upgrades after our inspection.


Whole house Surge 


Infrared Thermography 

Modern Commercial Building

Commercial Electrical 

Protect your home and devices with whole-house surge protection from All Wired Up. Small surge protectors for individual outlets aren't enough to safeguard against major power surges. Our solution connects directly to your electrical panel, protecting your entire system and increasing safety. Enjoy peace of mind and increased home value.

Detect potential malfunctions before they happen with infrared cameras from All Wired Up. These cameras perform thermography to measure object energy, revealing hidden issues. Consult with our experts to see if a thermography system is right for your home or business.

Trust All Wired Up for all your commercial electrical needs. Our expert electricians handle installations, repairs, and maintenance promptly and with high-quality materials. Services include electrical repairs, installations, panel setups, wiring, data installations, security setups, lighting, safety inspections, energy consulting, troubleshooting, and more. From offices to retail spaces, we keep your business running smoothly.

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