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Your electrical panel is the heart of your home, which is why it is important to keep your panel up to date. Updating your panel increases the value of your home, and safeguards against short-circuits and electrical fires. With modern technology creating an increased demand on your panel, use All Wired Up to upgrade your panel to optimal condition. When considering upgrading your panel, any of the issues below are a reason to give us a call:

  • Your panel is overheating and smells unusual.

  • You want to upgrade major appliances that increase your power demand, including refrigerators, stoves, and even electric vehicles.

  • Your panel is nearing 40 years old or your home was built before the year 2000.

  • You rely on fuses and are tired of replacing them every time they trip, which lately is more often than it used to be.

  • Your lights are flickering from the strain on your current panel.


Consider your circuit breaker your home security guard. It trips to avoid a short circuit or power overload, which helps prevent fires and burnout of your important appliances. As the protector of your home, it’s important to make sure your circuit breaker is operating at peak performance. Even though it’s easy to reset your breaker, sometimes it’s necessary to replace it entirely. You should call All Wired Up for a replacement if:

  • Your breaker keeps tripping and is becoming more difficult to reset

  • The switches on the breaker are hot, melted, or misshapen

  • The breaker smells smoky, or the wires appear frayed

  • Your appliances overheat frequently and are running less efficiently

Any of these signs could mean that your system is overloaded, and can't properly handle the energy demand of your home. It could also mean that you have a break or faulty wire somewhere in the system causing it to trip, or that there’s moisture in the circuit – especially in the humid areas of the home.

If you notice any of these issues, reach out to us at (631) 474-2244 for a free estimate on circuit breaker replacement, repair, or installation. Your safety is our priority.


With storms and weather unlike anything we’ve seen before, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your home against a power outage. Blackouts are inevitable but installing a standby generator can be your saving grace. Using a standby generator helps you avoid long stretches without power and keeps your whole home operational, instead of just one room or a few appliances that a portable generator can supply.


Whether you are looking for a brand-new generator installation, a repair, or a replacement, All Wired Up has you covered. Our electricians are well-trained to handle complex generator services, and our trucks are fully stocked to solve most problems in a single visit, keeping your home ready for an unfortunate weather event.

All Wired Up has options to fit your family and budget and we offer generators with top-of-the-line features and energy efficiency. If your generator is using more gas than usual, isn’t starting properly, or isn’t powering your home the way you need, call us for a visit.


Your outlets are your connection to your home's power source, enabling you to charge your devices, power your appliances, and keep your home running smoothly. A faulty outlet is at the very least, inconvenient, and at the worst, dangerous. All Wired Up is well-equipped to install, repair, or replace your outlet, and offers GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet service. Our electricians are proficient in working with a wide variety of outlet brands and models and will find the best option to suit your home. We also offer smart outlets with USB plugs and other state-of-the-art features, and our installs are always safe and reliable. If your outlet (switch or receptacle) is not working, or notice any of the signs listed below, give All Wired Up a call.

  • When you plug items in, they feel loose, wiggly, or unstable.

  • Your outlet has two prongs instead of three.

  • You notice smoke, sparks, or strange smells when the outlet is in use.

  • The outlet feels warm to the touch, is discolored and dingy, or won’t come clean.

  • Your GFCI outlets don’t trip during testing.


If your electrical panel is the heart of your home, consider your wiring the blood vessels, carrying the power everywhere in your home. Keeping your wires up to date keeps your whole electrical system operating in peak condition. Outdated, worn-out wires can lead to an unsafe electrical system, causing at worst sparking and fires, and the least, flickering lights, non-functional outlets, and frequent circuit trips/power outages. Our licensed and certified electricians can handle even the oldest wiring replacements, including knob and tube wiring. Since rewiring your entire home requires opening the walls, it’s a great time to upgrade your electrical panel, add new outlets, and update your entire system. Replacing your old wiring with new, safer wiring not only brings your home up to code but also increases the resell value of your property. Watch out for these signs of worn-out wires and call All Wired Up at the first sign of unsafe wiring.

  • Your home is over 40 years old and/or runs on a fuse system instead of a circuit breaker.

  • Your electrical panel is loose or unstable.

  • Your outlets are non-functional or smell burnt/fishy. Your GFCI outlets are not working.

  • Your lights dim when using appliances, or your appliances emit a buzzing noise when in use.

  • You have knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring.

  • Your circuit breaker trips frequently.


Nothing beats a long soak at the end of a long day. If a new hot tub is on your list of home upgrades, there’s a lot to take into consideration. Hot tubs require specific electrical demands, proper installation, compliance with city regulations, and more. If this complex installation has your head spinning, call All Wired Up to make this process seamless.

Although the electrical installation is key to your hot tub running properly, it’s not the first step in getting you soaking and relaxing. Before giving us a call, get approval from your city, especially if you are under an HOA. We will handle the permit process from there. Choose your location, keeping in mind that most cities require the hot tub to be at least 5 feet away from your home. Prepare your install site, and make sure you lay a solid foundation, especially if your tub weighs over 1 ton with water. 


Once you’ve checked all those boxes, leave the rest up to us! We will make sure you have the proper grounding systems, GFCI protection, and 240-volt feeds. For XL units we will hardwire a junction box with a disconnect switch. Our electricians are trained to handle any type of hot tub install with efficiency, keeping your safety as our number one priority, so you can unwind in your hot tub for years to come.


If you’re already a hot-tub owner but are experiencing some issues, All Wired Up is here to get your tub back in peak condition. If you notice that your control panel no longer works, your water isn’t getting hot, your circuit breaker is tripping, or your jets are non-functional, stop using the tub immediately and call us at (631) 474-2244 to schedule an emergency hot tub inspection.

The right lighting can take a room from dull and dreary to light and airy and completely change the atmosphere in your home. More than just aesthetics and atmosphere, the right lighting can transform your experience. From reducing your electric bill with more efficient lighting and fixtures to reducing your eye strain and making reading easier, to increasing your home security and deterring crime with outdoor lighting enhancements, there are endless reasons to upgrade your lighting. Our electricians can be trusted to balance the aesthetics of your space with the functional component of your lighting, and seamlessly tie it into your home’s electrical system. All Wired Up professionally installs various lighting, including chandeliers, recessed lighting, motion sensor lighting, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, LED, parking lot, under-cabinet, accent, garden, and ceiling lights. We also offer repair services including chandelier repair, lighting replacement, motion sensor repair, accent lighting repair, electrical bill reduction, loose wiring repair, incomplete circuit completion, wiring repair, cord repair, circuit breaker repair, and bad socket replacement.


Our electricians are trained to find the perfect fixture with you, taking into account your style, layout, budget, and requirements for things like SMART lighting and timer installation. Call All Wired Up to see how we can transform your space.



Don’t let your home become the dark and scary one on the block! Good outdoor lighting isn’t just important for the safety of your home and business, it also adds a great style component to your home and helps extend the usable hours of your outdoor spaces. Unlike your traditional in-home lighting, your outdoor installations need to be equipped to face the elements. Our skilled electricians at All Wired Up are capable of handling all sorts of outdoor light installations, including parking lot lighting, security lighting, porch and landscape lighting, HD and LED outdoor lighting, and more. Whether you want to take your space from day-to-night, or ensure you have the highest level of safety and security, All Wired Up is equipped to handle your outdoor lighting installation.


Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell your home, making sure everything is up to electrical code is an important box on your to-do list. Complying with the New York building codes and the National Electric Code (NEC) is enough to make your head spin, which is why every electrician at All Wired Up undergoes regular training to stay up to date on regulatory changes and code compliance. It’s a great practice to have your electrical system professionally examined every few years, and sooner if you’re looking to sell your home, adjust your home’s value, inspect a potential home, or purchase a new home.


Our electricians are trained to identify even the smallest sign of an electrical problem. Our inspections are incredibly thorough, checking AFCIs, outlets, switches, carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, light bulb wattages, electrical panels for damage, outdoor lighting and outlets, and more.


Once our inspection is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report of our findings with the recommended upgrades.


Are you the proud owner of an electric vehicle (EV), or looking to join the growing fleet but are worried about the logistics? All Wired Up is happy to take you through the process of installing a residential EV charger. While cost may be a deterrent in setting up a home-charging station, it’s important to consider convenience and long-term savings. Setting up a home-charging station allows you the freedom to drive for miles without worrying about running low on your charge, or searching for an open charging station. Similarly, commercial charging stations often charge an hourly rate, not by the wattage consumed, so you are over-paying for time spent not charging. At home, you only pay for what you are using. Once you factor in these considerations, a home charging station may be your best bet. Call All Wired Up at (631)-474-2244 to learn more about the three different levels of electrical vehicle stations, and how to get your home charging station up and running.


Surge protection is like taking out an extra insurance policy on your home and all the devices that it powers and charges. Without proper surge protection, your devices are vulnerable to power surges from lightning strikes, cut/downed power lines, utility switches, and faulty appliances. A power surge is a sudden increase in voltage that can render a device or appliance completely non-functional, or severely shorten its lifespan. Although small power surges are common and usually harmless, larger surges pose a major threat.


ISome of your outlets are likely equipped with small plug-in surge protectors, but they just don’t offer the level of protection that you need to safeguard your home from a significant power surge, and they only protect the devices that are directly plugged in. All Wired Up can install a whole-house surge protector that connects directly to your electrical panel. This protects your entire electrical system and all the devices and appliances that are plugged into your home. This level of protection has major safety benefits as well, reducing the incidence of electrical fires caused by power surges. With this added peace of mind thanks to whole house surge protection, you’ve also now increased the value of your home!


Simply put, when devices and appliances start to fail, they often heat up before they break down. Since our human eyes don’t enable us to see the heat coming off these objects, and they may not be excessively warm to the touch, installing an infrared camera can help you detect a malfunction, before it becomes a problem. These infrared cameras perform thermography to measure the energy emitted by an object. The hotter the object, the higher the IR measurement. Thermography has a variety of applications and is a valuable diagnostic defense system. Talk with one of our experts to see if installing a thermography system is right for your home or business.


When you need to keep your business up and running, you need an electrical contracting team you can trust. At All Wired Up, our team of commercial electricians are ready to tackle electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance promptly. We use high-quality materials and pride ourselves on excellent services that ensure lasting performance. Our commercial electricians are equipped to handle a variety of services, including electrical repairs and replacements, installations and upgrades, new electrical panel setups, outlet wiring, tenant improvements, elevator and escalator power, voice and data wiring, fiber optic installations, camera and CCTV setups, Variable Frequency Drivers, data center backups, primary and emergency power solutions, lighting installations and repairs, safety inspections, power usage assessments, energy savings consulting, electrical troubleshooting, LED lighting upgrades, underground electrical utilities, line locating, specialty grounding protection, robotics and automation, and sound system installations.


From office space to retail storefronts, and all types of commercial properties, All Wired Up has the experts to handle your electrical needs so that your business doesn’t miss a beat.

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